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Net Making Supplies

Net making is a craft that has been used throughout history to create nets for various purposes, including fishing, hunting and military use. Net making is still widely used for fishing or decorative and practical purposes, such as creating hammocks, garden trellises and safety nets. 

Net Making Supplies 

You'll need several supplies to make nets, including netting materials, a net shuttle or needle, twine or cordage and scissors. Netting materials come in various types and sizes, including nylon, polyester and polyethylene. The size and type of netting material you choose depends on the purpose of your net.

A net shuttle or needle weaves the netting material together, while twine or cordage is used to tie knots and create the net's framework. Scissors are necessary to trim any excess netting material and cut the twine to the desired length.



Splice braided poly rope with a fid to keep it from getting tangled or bound partway through. Ensure a strong and tight line repair in a short time by utilizing this backbone tool of net making.


It’s always a good idea to have extra rope supplies handy in case the need arises suddenly. Whether it’s an old net or new rigging, strong ropes like marine nylon are what you need.

Weights and Floats

When fishing nets don’t flop and cover correctly, it is a big problem that wastes your time and energy when you try to correct it. Installing floats and weights with the correct placement ensures that netting behaves the way you want it to.

Industry standards aren’t always sufficient to meet your needs. We offer an extensive array of quality gear tough enough to reach the horizon and still make it back to port with no worries.

What Is the Use of Fishing Net?

Fishing nets are among the most common nets used for catching fish in rivers, lakes and oceans. They can be made from various materials, including cotton, silk, wool and synthetic materials, such as nylon, polyester and polyethylene.

The type of fishing net used depends on the size and species of fish being caught as well as the method of fishing. For example, a seine net is used to catch schools of fish, while a gill net is used to catch fish that swim into it.

Fishing nets can be used in various fishing methods, including trawling, purse seining and longlining. Trawling involves dragging a net behind a boat to catch fish, while purse seining uses a net to encircle a school of fish and closes the bottom like a purse. Longlining requires a line with multiple hooks and baited lures to catch fish.

Why You Should Use Delta Net and Twine for Your Net Making Supplies

Delta Net and Twine is a trusted name in the net making industry, providing high-quality netting materials, cordage and netting tools since 1912. We offer various netting materials, including nylon, polyester, polyethylene and twine and cordage in various sizes and strengths.

We also have a variety of netting tools, including net shuttles, needles and scissors, to help you create your custom net. Whether you're a professional netmaker or just starting, Delta Net and Twine has everything you need.