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Minnow Seine Nets

When you need to catch fresh bait, a minnow seine net makes it easy. As soon as a school of minnows swims across the polyester netting, you'll be able to drag them up. This is a lot faster than catching one bait fish at a time.

These bait traps are easy to use. Once you choose the correct mesh size and net size, all you'll need to do is unroll it. If you choose a big bait minnow seine, it's a good idea to have a fishing partner to give you a hand.  Read More

Check Out Delta Net & Twine's Minnow Seine Nets

It's important to have the correct size of mesh and net surface. Delta Net & Twine offers nylon netting with a 1/32-inch to 1/4-inch net mesh size. Choose the smaller mesh for tiny minnows.

If the minnows in your pond or lake are bigger, select a net with larger openings. The 1/4-, 1/8-, 1/16- and 1/32-inch mesh nets are available in 20- and 25-foot lengths. They're durable, UV- and salt-resistant and reusable for many years.

No matter the scale of your minnow net needs, our team at Delta Net & Twine can make sure you’re able to catch plenty of live bait on your next fishing trip. Shop our selection today!