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Deer Netting

Many use deer netting in different ways to protect important crop or garden areas and even capture area deer. If you have a few questions about deer netting, feel free to contact our team so we can get you the answers you need. For now, some clarification:

What Is Deer Netting For?

Deer netting stands up and allows you to prevent deer from entering or leaving an area. You could use the netting to protect plants in your garden from nearby hungry deer, so this makes it a good option for local deer management.

How Is Capture Netting Used?

Some may make use of capture netting to help them with wildlife management. The netting drops on top of the deer and prevents them from escaping once it’s been activated.

Depending on the context, you may need to capture deer or prevent them from entering an important area. With deer netting, you can get the job done without causing any harm to the local wildlife. Browse our selection to find the netting for you.

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