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Fishing Nets and Fish Farming Equipment

Delta Net and Twine is the "go-to" source for custom commercial fishing nets, food fish and fingerling seine nets and fish farming equipment. For catfish and tilapia farmers we offer everything: dip nets, fish grader seines, live cars, socks, loading nets, and any custom nets you may need.

Most fishing nets and fish farming equipment shown is our own design - we make it right here in our Greenville, Mississippi plant. We've also selected excellent items for you from others, like LaCrosse commercial fishing boots, Cumings dip nets, Frabill minnow seine nets, and much more. We know you'll find exactly what you need here. We look forward to serving you!

A Bit About Us

Winston Turner, Founder of Delta Net and Twine

Catfish farming was in its infancy in 1960 when the late Winston Turner, a former US Army Corps of Engineers employee in Greenville began making seine nets and commercial fishing nets. A commercial fisherman himself, Turner designed seine nets based on his own needs.

Through the years, catfish farms spawned across the Delta. Today, Delta Net and Twine is the largest provider of catfish seine nets and fingerling seines in the South. Winston Turner’s son Terry now owns and operates the business. He is assisted by his wife Linda and their son, Scotty Turner - the third generation of Turner seine-and-net makers.

Terry Turner learned seine and net making from his father while working at the company’s original location on Clay Street in Greenville. Terry was 9 years old when he completed his first net, which was 100 yards long. “It took me all day long to make it” he said, laughing.

Delta Net and Twine hand-crafts custom seine nets to order. Mesh sizes range from barely visible up to 2 inches, which is used to seine the larger catfish that processors now prefer. The company produces seines from 10 to 1,500 feet long and from 4 to 12 feet deep.

To produce a finished net, employees select a netting with a mesh size appropriate for the type of net ordered. Then they “hang” the net, which involves hand stitching a length of netting to a rope using a large needle (bobbin) and nylon twine.

To "hang a net", workers suspend the netting lengthwise along a nylon rope. Using a needle, they catch each mesh with a length of twine. Every few inches the twine is lashed to the rope with several half-hitch knots. Floats and weights are moved into position as stitching progresses. Some seines also get a “mud line” a border made of tightly rolled netting that will prevent the seine from bogging down in the pond mud.

Fish Farming Equipment Factory and Showroom

Delta recently moved into a 22,000-square-foot facility on Highway 1 South in Greenville. The new building, located two miles south of the previous plant, covers an additional 6,000 square feet. Turner added a 25-by-50-foot showroom filled with net repair supplies, fish farming equipment and commercial fishing supplies ranging from commercial fishing boots, to spotlights and minnow traps.

About half of Delta Net and Twine seines are made for customers in Mississippi. The company also serves Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, Texas, and California. Delta Net and Twine ships to South America and overseas as well.