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Commercial Fishing Boots

Commercial Fishing Boots


LaCrosse fishing boots are Delta's recommendation for fish farming and commercial fishing uses.

If you're heading outside to hunt, work, play, or for fishing, then you're going to need LaCrosse boots. Our reputation for quality, innovation and performance has been built over 100 years, and many millions of satisfied customers. Whether you need hunting boots or fishing waders, work boots, cold weather pac boots or everyday footwear apparel, you'll find what you looking for here. LaCrosse stands for the highest quality rugged footwear you can find, built so people who work and play outdoors can do it without worrying about their feet. It's a reputation we're proud of because we earned it the hard way, by holding ourselves accountable for the performance of each and every boot we make.

Important Qualities in Good Commercial Fishing Boots

As an angler, you’re walking through water, mud, and other elements to get your work done. Good commercial fishing boots are a must. But what exactly constitutes a high-quality boot?

Water will be your biggest issue, and it's essential to keep your feet dry, so look for waterproof boots or (at the very least) ones that are water-resistant. These boots are typically composed of durable materials, such as rubber or neoprene.  

Speaking of durability, that’s another essential quality to look for. Every part of your boots, including the sole, must protect your feet from anything sharp you might accidentally step on or come in contact with, ranging from fishing hooks to jagged rocks. Excellent grip and traction are also necessary to consider, especially when you need to avoid injury while walking on slippery surfaces. 

Fishing in chilly temperatures? Insulated boots like the LaCrosse 18-inch OD Green Burly Classic Boot can keep your feet warm and protected from icy water. 

Your ability to easily pull commercial fishing boots on and off is another feature to keep in mind. Getting dressed shouldn't be a struggle. Some boots have loops on the back and/or front to help with the task.

Always consider comfort when shopping for fishing boots. If they don’t fit well or are too heavy, wearing them could result in pain, injury, and an overall uncomfortable fishing experience. Your fishing boots should protect your feet and be comfortable while you focus on angling.

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