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Fishing Hooks

Choosing the right kind of fishing hooks helps you, the fisher, meet your fishing needs. For example, if you need a fish-friendly hook, you need to go for one with a circular design. This is because such a fishing hook will still be effective even when catching the smallest fish. 

On the other hand, if you’re planning on fishing using live baits, an octopus hook is the ideal option for you. This is because an octopus hook is perfectly designed to attach even the smallest and most fragile of baits. 

Before you choose a certain kind of fishing hook, you need to bear in mind the type of fish you’re planning on catching. This is because going for the ideal fishing hook will help yield better results when you’re out on the water. 

Determines the Fishing Outcome

Choosing the right kind of fishing hook is important because it also determines the number of fish you’re bound to catch. You need to go for the fishing hook with the right hooking point since it is responsible for holding fish. 

If you’re looking to make the fish release less stressful, it’s best to go for barbless hooks. However, if you’d like to hold every fish you catch securely, fishing hooks with barbs are the best option for you. 

Different Kinds of Fishing Hooks

Triple Hooks

These fishing hooks are fitted with three points which means that they triple your chances of catching a fish. This is because every time, one of the points will always be facing the right direction. 

Curved Hooks

Instead of having the usually straight shank, these fishing hooks are fitted with a curved one. The design of these hooks makes it hard for a fish to get out of it, and this is why they’re among the most common fishing hooks you can find out there. 

Circle Hooks

These types of fishing hooks are curved back in a circular design. These fishing hooks are best suited for catching saltwater fish since they’re more effective and are rarely swallowed. 

Whether you’re experienced in fishing or not, it is very important that you choose the most suitable fishing hook you can find. Browse our selection at Delta Net and Twine to find the fishing hooks you need!