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Fishing Gear

Fishing Boots

There are many quality brands of fishing boots, and we're proud to offer LaCrosse's products. These commercial fishing boots are made of rugged materials, and not only are they waterproof — the thick treads keep you steady on your feet. With those qualities in mind, these boots are also a good choice for hunting.

Hooks and Swivels

We're fully stocked in hooks and swivels. These products make it easy for you to prep your fishing rod and catch the biggest fish of the year. Choose from different sizes and styles to accommodate your preferred fishing rod.

Fishing Nets

We offer sturdy fishing nets in mesh sizes ranging from 1/16 to 2½ inch netting. The nets are available in different sizes, or you can get our bulk net and make a custom-size fishing net.

Shop our selection of affordable fishing gear below!