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Aerators - Agitators

Boatcyle Aerators and Agitators for Ponds, Fish Holding Tanks, and Bait Wells

Agitator #26PP - Vat Agitator is a quieter agitator with a skirt that eliminates noise and is designed to focus agitation in the vat.

Agitator #90PP - Vat Agitator is a heavy duty 12 volt agitator.  This 90PP Agitator has a new ballbearing motor and harder longer lasting brushes.

The Big Bull Agitator #17 -Vat Agitator is used in large tanks and ponds. This 110 volt agitator has 1/3 hp fan cooled continuous duty.

The Little Big Bull Agitator #15PP - Vat Agitator is designed to fill the gap between the standard and Big Bull Agitators.  It gives much more agitation than the standard agitator and keeps many more minnows or fish alive in larger vats.

Aircycle Jr 10-13 or Aircycle 10-15 - Vat Agitator operates on a continuous 12-volt motor. This agitator fits into the top of any standard size minnow bucket or can be used on 5 to 30 gallon containers to haul 500 to 1000 minnows or fish.

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